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ANOTHER LIFE SAVED - Defibrillator saves Brett's life during a cardiac arrest whilst running - 6 weeks later!

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Heart Safe Australia Defibrillator saves a life

Meet Brett Orpwood he is a miracle man!

On Sat 23rd Dec last year Brett had a cardiac arrest whilst running with his 8 year old son in the 5km Parkrun in Murrum Murrum in Victoria

Brett’s heart stopped!

CPR was started on Brett by fellow runners straight away & the defibrillator I sent to the community group in Oct last year was used on him.

The defib re-started Brett’s heart & he was taken to hospital.

Today - 6 weeks on I got to meet Brett in Sydney where he told his amazing story!
He has no on-going health issues & all looks positive!

Well done to Tim ObergCraig SpenceLis Blake &Scott Whimpey who’s involvement in this story was so important!

600 people a week have sudden cardiac arrests in Aust & most don’t survive like Brett!
A defibrillator needs to be at close hand!

Let’s make Australia a Heart Safe Environment!!!

Heart Safe Australia helps saving lives across Australia :-) 

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