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Successful RESTART a HEART morning event with AMAZING Manly community support

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Restart a Heart Day community event

What an AMAZING COMMUNITY and support for RESTART A HEART day at Manly Surf Club with Heart Safe Australia, Surf Life Saving NSW, Ambulance NSW, Manly Police, Manly Surf Life Saving.

What can I say other than what an amazing moment to see the Minister of Health, Bradley Hazzard, the mayor of Manly Michael Regan, the CEO of Surf Life Saving NSW Steven Pearce  and Max Dagenais from Heart Safe Australia having a CPR challenge together to raise awareness about CPR and defibrillation to SAVE LIVES!


Health Minister - Manly Mayor NSW SLS CEO-Max HSA



Everyone is a winner when saving lives


Thank you Surf Life Saving NSW for providing 4 team members and mannequins to practice CPR, and Ambulance NSW for providing an ambulance as well as three representatives to support the Restart a Heart Day event.

Team Restart a Heart Day

Thank you to Manly Police for sending four officers to support the event as well as testing their CPR skills!


Heart Safe Australia Ambassador Captain Kindness

A BIG THANK YOU to our Heart Safe Ambassador Almighty Captain Kindness for getting the crowd into testing their CPR skills and of course to put a smile on everyone’s face 😊


Mayor of Manly - Captain Kindness- SLS NSW

Captain Kindness getting well deserved encouragement by Max from Heart Safe Australia :-)


Kids learning and testing their CPR skills to save lives

Kids learning and testing their CPR skils with Captain Kindness.  The earlier we start learning CPR and Defibrillation skills, the more chances we have to save lives in case of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest.


Harris Farm Market providing fresh fruit for the event

A BIG Thank you to Harris Farm Market for providing delicious fruit to keep everyone fed and full of energy!


Heart Safe Australia Saving Lives

Restart a Heart Day is all about raising awareness for the THREE SIMPLE but VERY IMPORTANT STEPS to save a life?

3. SHOCK – Defibrillation to restart the heart


Find out more at www.heartsafeaustralia.com.au about saving lives and how to promote Heart Safe Environments.


Max Dagenais
Founder of Heart Safe Australia

Heart Safe Australia


#RestartAHeartDay #HeartSafeAustralia #SavingLives

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