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Saving Lives with Mindray Defibrillators Across Samoa

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Samoa Fire and Emergency Service Authority Mindray defibrillators


Heart Safe Australia is very proud to be providing Samoa Fire and Emergency Service Authority with Mindray defibrillators to help saving lives all across Samoa.


It is important to be prepared and have the equipment to be able to save lives in case of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SAC) outside of a hospital as ONLY 1 out of 10 will survive in Australia!


Did You Know...


In Australia approximately 575 Australian’s every week people sustain cardiac arrest outside hospital and are treated by emergency medical services (EMS). (30,000  people each year)


  • An average of only 9% of its victims in Australia survive
  • It can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone, even young athletes
  • Early defibrillation is the single most effective treatment for Sudden Cardiac Arrests
  • Defibrillation within three minutes of collapse can increase the chance of survival to over 70%


Make sure YOU are ready and aware of the THREE SIMPLE but VERY IMPORTANT STEPS to save a life!


  1. CALL 000
  2. PUSH / CPR
  3. SHOCK – Defibrillation to restart the heart




Find out more at www.heartsafeaustralia.com.au about saving lives and how to promote Heart Safe Environments.


Team Heart Safe Australia.

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