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Let's Create Heart Safe Hotels across Australia...


Did you realise?...

More Australians die of Sudden Cardiac Arrest every year - more than those that die of Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, House Fires, AIDS and Traffic/Road Deaths all combined!

And that the Accommodation Industry is unfortunately not exempt from these tragic death statistics..

The Accommodation Association of Australia has taken on the initiative to create the Heart Safe Hotels program in Partnership with Heart Safe Australia and Mindray Defibrillators.


Become a Heart Safe Hotel today with a few easy steps below.


The Accommodation Association of Australia (AAoA) in conjunction with Heart Safe Australia and Mindray aim to create more Heart Safe environments across Australia by creating an industry standard placing defibrillators in Hotels along with ensuring staff are adequately informed on CPR —allowing you to simply, safely and effectively help someone save a life.

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Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) knows no boundaries


  • In Australia approximately 30,000 people sustain Sudden Cardiac Arrest outside of a hospital and are treated by emergency medical services (EMS) each year (On average - 575 Australian's every week!)
  • An average of only 9% of its victims in Australia survive
  • It can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone, even young athletes   
  • Early defibrillation is the single most effective treatment for Sudden Cardiac Arrest   
  • Defibrillation within three minutes of collapse can increase the chance of survival to over 70%


The CEO of the Accommodation Association of Australia (Richard Munro) has raised these critical points of consideration for all AAoA members to support this Heart Safe Hotels program.

  • Duty of Care, that our members have for their guests and employees in the professional industry of accommodation.
  • Safety first, aside from complying with building code safety laws, our members believe this type of equipment add to the safe environment we offer.
  • The public can book with confidence knowing that any property that has a defib on hand is likely to have knowledge of first aid and how to use the equipment.
  • Employees are assured of a safer working environment for all.


Together as an industry we can save more lives!


Get your Defibrillator(s) NOW and create a Heart Safe Hotel

Take action NOW by selecting your defibrillator(s) and accessories to potentially saving lives in the future.

The Heart Safe Hotels Check List


To become a Heart Safe Hotel - Here is the Heart Safe Hotel Checklist/Audit:

  • There is a Defibrillator onsite with the appropriate signage
  • The Defibrillators are in a high traffic areas where it is highly visible. 
  • For locations with multiple floors or large areas there are multiple Defibrillators.
  • There is a Defibrillator located within 90 seconds brisk walk from anywhere in your Heart Safe Hotel location in high traffic and highly visible locations.
  • There is an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Policy & Procedure made aware and available to all employees/members/tenants/residents.
  • There is adequate CPR signage highly visible.
  • At least 50% of employees have had CPR awareness training.

Make Your Hotel a Heart Safe Hotel NOW