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First Heart Safe Hotel as part of the new Heart Safe Hotels Initiate with AAoA

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Heart Safe Hotels Program

The Accommodation Association of Australia (AAoA) has recently launched the Heart Safe Hotels program in collaboration with Heart Safe Australia and Mindray Australia to save lives across Australia.  

The Pacific View Resort in Caloundra is the very first Hotel (First of many in the Accommodation Industry) to become officially "Heart Safe".

Pacific View Resort - Heart Safe Hotel


The story behind the Pacific View Hotel is an amazing one.

With an elderly guest list in their iconic location on the Beach at Coloundra - unfortunately over the years they have lost some guests to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (at no fault of their own) - considering Hotels are in the top 5 locations for out-of-hospital Sudden Cardiac Arrest - Pacific View Hotel is leading the Industry to make their Resort a Heart Safe Hotel by installing a Defibrillator in a central location and implementing the Heart Safe Hotel Standards


We are all excited to save more lives across Australia and bring the Accommodation Industry together with this amazing Heart Safe Hotels initiative


When next travelling - ask if it is a Heart Safe Hotel?


Find out more about Heart Safe Australia, Heart Safe Hotels and Heart Safe Environments.


The Heart Safe Australia Team...saving life across Australia.


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Take action NOW by making sure you have a defibrillator available in case of an emergency