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Mindray Defibrillators Donation to the Manly Wharf on the Northern Beaches to create a Heart Safe Environment

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A BIG thank you to Mindray Defibrillators in association with Heart Safe Australia and specially Craig Spence for presenting a Public Access Defibrillator donation to the mayor of the Northern Beaches Michael Regan.  Heart Safe Australia is raising awareness and education by creating Heart Safe Environments across Australia.


Over 500 sudden cardiac arrests (SCA) a WEEK are suffered in Australia outside hospitals and ONLY 1 in 10 survives!


Mindray Defibrillator donation to Northern Beaches Manly Wharf

Watch our Defibrillator Donation interview with Mayor Michael Regan


Mindray Defibrillator installed at Manly Wharf


The Manly Wharf which is the waterway entrance to the beautiful Sydney Northern Beaches has tens of thousands of people in transit daily and therefore the risk of an unfortunate sudden cardiac arrest is possible as it can happen anywhere and at any time!


Heart Safe Australia’s mission is to raise awareness and education on saving lives in case of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) outside hospitals by creating Heart Safe Environments across our beautiful Northern Beaches and also across Australia


Heart Safe Australia is working with hotels, public places, workplaces, sport grounds and other locations in creating Heart Safe Environments by making defibrillators accessible as well as appropriate CRP and First Aid Training, education and awareness.


In case of a sudden cardiac arrest, it is very important to follow the very important THREE-SIMPLE but VERY IMPORTANT STEPS to save a life:


Three steps to save a life


Raising awareness about make it your aim to have a defibrillator available and know CPR to increase survival rates before emergency services arrive.


Minday defibrillators saving lives - easy to use

Mindray Defibrillators director Craig Spence explains how easy it is to use a defibrillator






Max Dagenais - Founder of Heart Safe Australia

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Take action NOW by making sure you have a defibrillator available in case of an emergency