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First Heart Safe Hotel as part of the new Heart Safe Hotels Initiate with AAoA
The Accommodation Association of Australia (AAoA) has recently launched the Heart Safe Hotels program in collaboration with Heart Safe Australia and Mindray Australia to save lives accross Australia. The Pacific View Hotel in Caloundra is the very first Hotel (First of many in the Accommodation Industry) to become officially "Heart Safe".
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Heart Safe Australia partnering with the Accommodation Association of Australia
Heart Safe Australia is proud to be partnering with the Accommodation Association of Australia in the Heart Safe Hotels program to potentially save lives across Australia.
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Gym owner saves a 20 year old girl using a defibrillator after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest (SAC)
An Australian woman has spoken out after she suffered a heart attack on a rowing machine last year and spent three days in a coma, is now calling for defibrillators to be compulsory in all gyms.  "It saved my life and it will definitely save someone else's."
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Saving Lives with Mindray Defibrillators Across Samoa

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Saving Lives with Mindray Defibrillators Across Samoa
Heart Safe Australia is very proud to be providing Samoa Fire and Emergency Service Authority with Mindray defibrillators to help saving lives all across Samoa. It is important to be prepared and have the equipment to be able to save lives in case of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SAC) outside of a hospital as ONLY 1 out of 10 will survive in Australia!
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Successful RESTART a HEART morning event with AMAZING Manly community support
What an AMAZING COMMUNITY and support for RESTART A HEART day at Manly Surf Club with Heart Safe Australia, Surf Life Saving NSW, Ambulance NSW, Manly Police, Manly Surf Life Saving. What can I say other than what an amazing moment to see the Minister of Health, Bradley Hazzard, the mayor of Manly Michael Regan, and Steven Pearce the CEO of Surf Life Saving NSW having a CPR challenge together to raise awareness about CPR and defibrillation to SAVE LIVES!
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RESTART a HEART DAY with HEART SAFE AUSTRALIA at the Manly Surf Club Oct 16th
Heart Safe Australia is very proud to be hosting RESTART A HEART Day at the Manly Surf Club with an amazing collaboration - Captain Kindness, the NSW Health Minister, NSW Surf Life Saving, NSW Ambulance. A GOLD COIN donation for breakfast will go towards a Mindray Defibrillator donated into the community to support our "Heart Safe Environment" communities program.
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CONGRATULATION Manly Beach Health Club for your Heart Safe Environment
Well done Adam and team at the Manly Beach Health Club for receiving the Heart Safe Environment Check from Heart Safe Australia for having processes and staff awareness ready in case of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) on in their premises. BEST to be prepared in case of such potentially stressful and challenging experience. Well Done MBHC Team.
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Heart Safe Environment Workplace - Building - Community

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Heart Safe Environment Workplace - Building - Community
Heart Safe Australia is following the recommendations of the American Heart Association (AHA) by providing checklists and audits to provide Heart Safe Environment to increase the chance of surviving a cardiac arrest which is currently very low in Australia at 9%.
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WHY Defibrillators are saving lives and HOW easy they are to use
The FULLY AUTOMATED LIFEPAK CR Plus defibrillator makes it simple and and safe to respond to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) which can happen anywhere and to the young and the old at home, at school, at work, while travelling, playing, learning, resting etc.
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A new approach to public access defibrillation - Connected and Ready!
With the LIFEPAK CR2 Defibrillator, a Wi-Fi® or cellular network–connected AED, LIFELINKcentral rogram Manager facilitates self-management. Location, battery status and other readiness information are automatically collected by the software for easy management via the online dashboard - whether you have one AED or 100, in a single office or across thousands of miles. LIFELINKcentral AED Program Manager even sends you alerts of any condition affecting AED readiness.
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